• Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

Our Real Estate Sector Group consists of an integrated team of experts in audit, business advisory as well as in tax and legal services. We work closely with our clients to find solutions, utilising our expertise to achieve the best structure to execute deals and maximise possible benefits. 

Success in real estate requires local market knowledge combined with an international network and a high degree of financial, tax and legal expertise. We offer our services to a wide range of real estate companies specialised in offices, retail, hotels, elderly homes, logistic centers... 

In addition to undertaking due diligence and assisting with acquisition financing, we ensure that the deal mechanics minimise corporation tax, VAT and transfer taxes. We limit entry and exit costs and reduce tax leakages on the real estate structures of our clients. 

Our services

  • Analysis and due diligence of proposed real estate transactions 
  • Business and real estate valuations 
  • Assistance in preparation and optimising of cash flow and operational budgets 
  • Assurance on business processes, controls and regulatory and IFRS compliance 
  • Planning the purchase and sale of real estate from a legal and tax perspective 
  • Restructuring of real estate companies by means of mergers or demergers 
  • Setting up of leasing contracts, building rights, long lease and usufruct structures 
  • Legal and financial analysis of the rent-roll and of all specific real estate contracts 
  • Compliance services to real estate companies (accounting and reporting, integration of facility management data, tax compliance)