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    “The government can regulate, stimulate and facilitate, but it’s us who actually have to carry it out.”

Real Estate & Construction

The real estate and construction sector is facing fundamental transitions and challenges that are impossible to see past. Real estate prices are soaring and many construction companies are still struggling to find the right, trained employees. The transition from fossil to renewable energy is reaching cruising speed, just like the digitisation of the sector. And the awareness of and the need for a new, circular building culture is growing irreversibly.

Constructing a building, all of the materials and components of which you remarket at the end of its life, seems like the distant future, but it is not. At the same time, the responsible handling of materials - and the planetary limits of available raw materials - offers opportunities for new business models in the construction and real estate sector. Last but not least, transversal aspects also play a role in the circular model. Just think of the deployment of the local economy, sustainable mobility, less energy consumption, etc. ‘That’s nothing new,’ we hear you think. But to put the whole story into practice... you could perhaps use some help, right?

Smart digital

To what extent are your processes and strategy digitally aligned? Do you use performance management and business intelligence, for example, to operate at the cutting edge in the complex, heavily regulated market? Digital solutions and innovation (think of smart buildings, drones, smart cities, etc.) help employees and customers work in a smarter and a more cost-efficient way. And they raise the success factor, because business intelligence helps focus on what is truly critical to achieve the maximum return, financially and socially.

What are you looking for?

Our real estate sector group forms a multidisciplinary and complementary team of specialists in audit and financial advice, supported by tax and legal advisers. They have to be, because after all, a construction or real estate project has so many facets - from idea, through development, realisation and maintenance to the finding (on time) of the investments - and parties. Each with their own specific requirements, tools and knowledge. A Public-Private Partnership (PPP), for example, differs fundamentally from a purely private project and an infrastructure project within healthcare can hardly be compared to an offshore wind farm.

In short, BDO never presents just any expert to you. Each assignment requires specific knowledge, skills and operational experience. The better the match with your requirement, the better the expert can help you and the more efficiently he or she can get to work in close cooperation with your internal staff. All this in an open culture based on responsibility and trust.

Knowledge and solutions

What’s more, your expert does not operate alone. Thanks to our worldwide network, he or she can at any time call on the knowledge and experience from nearly 170 countries where BDO supports promoters, construction, rental and maintenance companies, investors, and so on. In other words, your company can count on a multidisciplinary team in touch with your business, your strategy and your objectives. Use their knowledge and solutions for

  • setting up feasibility studies and financial models;
  • tendering for public contracts;
  • the financial analysis and due diligence regarding real estate transactions;
  • optimising real estate taxation;
  • the appraisal of enterprises with real estate;
  • assisting with the preparation and optimisation of cash flows and operational budgets;
  • assisting with Public-Private Partnerships and complex real estate projects;
  • the auditing of company processes and verification of local accountancy regulations and IFRS reporting in real-estate companies;
  • optimising the fiscal and legal aspects of real estate transactions;
  • the restructuring of real estate companies by means of mergers, splits and the like;
  • the drafting of a variety of contracts relating to real estate, such as leasing, buildings, ground lease, usufruct, etc.;
  • expert opinions in property disputes;
  • the financial and legal analysis of a rental portfolio and of all specific ‘real estate’ contracts;
  • the administrative obligations of real estate companies (accountancy and reporting, integration of facility management information in the accounting, preparation of corporate tax and VAT returns);
  • Etc.

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